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The Launch Of Love Letters

How many of you have a piece of jewellery that is so special that you're almost afraid to wear it? I have a piece like this, it's a charm with my Dads initial on it, that I got after his passing a few years ago. In fact my two sisters got one also, so its something special to all of us. Its with this feeling that the Love Letters collection came to be. I wanted to create a range that would be as special to you, as my charm is to me. Each letter is hand stamped and is available in both sterling silver and solid 9ct gold.     

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Reasons to smile

So many of you may have noticed that I have been a little quiet over Christmas (especially on the instagram front). Well the reason was that I had jaw surgery in late November which put me out of action for a few weeks.  Jaw surgery is something that has been on the cards for me for many years, so I was delighted (and also terrified ) when it became a reality in my calendar. Its been a tough journey since the op, but I'm delighted that everything is healing up well and I'm returning to work.  So expect a steady flow of instagram posts and updates to the website coming your way in the forthcoming days!

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So Why The Name Anni Anni?

People often ask me were the name Anni Anni came from. And the answer is, it's the pet name my Dad gave me growing up, that he continued to use even when i became an adult .  A little over 4 years ago he passed away and every day I miss hearing him say those two little words. And so when i ventured to setting up business by myself, I felt that using the name Anni Anni was a way of keeping him with me. My little tribute to him x

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Going for Gold!

You may have seen that I have recently ventured into making more gold pieces. I'm so happy to see how they're turning out.  To be 100% honest I've always been more of a silver girl, but after many requests from you guys for gold, I gave in and made some pieces. AND I LOOOOVE THEM!! I even started wearing gold for the first time in over 20 years! (strange for a goldsmith right?)  So far I have added a gold version of On Point, Prism Pendant and Ring, Eternal and two new designs, Balance and Luna. Phew not bad eh? If you click on the picture below it'll bring you to the full collection. I'd love to hear any feedback you...

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